"Emily has great arms…for swimming."

Naya Rivera Marries Ryan Dorsey


Hilary Duff is signed with RCA, you can pre-order “Chasing The Sun" now!

*heavy gay breathing*

nrgsecrets: Oh my goodness, where are my manners. How was YOUR day? 

pretty goooood. had my first full day of work at my seasonal retail job (that i may or may not decide to keep once i work out details with the gay bar that’s hiring me). 

had a carne asada burrito for dinner.

now i’m looking for pretty little liars fanfic bc apparently my weird relation to this show doesn’t stop with watching emily’s scenes on youtube. except the fanfic for this show is all so bad. 

nrg, i need you to start doing episode recaps of pretty little liars. idek if you watch that show but you should just so you can make episode recaps bc i have a feeling those would be A+


Vika Levina


Vika Levina


This is 150% why I am a huge raging homosexual.

A brief history of the love life of Emily ‘Ladykiller’ Fields


  • Girl moves in across the street - she falls for Emily
  • Girl bullies Emily - she falls for Emily
  • Girl tries to help Emily’s girlfriend come out - she falls for Emily
  • Girl meets Emily doing charity work in Haiti - she falls for Emily
  • Girl tries to make Emily jealous about previously dating her current girlfriend - she falls for Emily
  • Girl manipulates Emily for years and makes Emily fall in love with her - she falls for Emily
  • Girl is straight - she falls for Emily
  • Girl breathes the same air as Emily - she falls for Emily
  • Girl lives on different planet - she falls for Emily
  • Girl realises Emily is a fictional character - she falls for Emily


She’s Probably Straight™


from the makers of And There’s No Way To Casually Ask 

just finished my preliminary interview at the gay bar. he said ‘i’ll be doing callbacks tomorrow but i’ll just let you know now that i’ll be calling you to set up a second interview’. 

aaand we signed the lease on the house today.

and i’m going to a palestine solidarity protest in a couple of hours.

today is a good day.